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Bob Bateman

I was raised in Merion in a family of fifteen children, 12 sisters, 2 brothers, and me. I went to Waldron, followed by 4 memorable years at the Prep. I graduated from the Prep in 1995 and headed to Boston College in the fall. I studied psychology and sociology at BC and I graduated with A BA in Human Development in the school of education in 1999. After graduation, I worked for 2 years at Eckerd Youth Alternatives, a wilderness camp for troubled youth. I spent my 1st year at EYA in Rhode Island, and my 2nd year on the coast of North Carolina. Working intensely in the woods with adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, I became interested in working with this population in the mental health profession. After two years at Eckerd, I moved back to Philadelphia to start work at St. Francis Home for Boys, a Catholic Agency serving inner-city kids from Philadelphia.

I worked closely with these kids in several group homes, leading groups on subjects such as life skills development and resisting peer pressure and violence. In Spring of 2003, I moved to Asheville, NC to pursue life in the mountains. I started work in October 03 at Eliada Homes, a non-profit agency serving the needs of children with mental health issues. I am currently a therapeutic foster care consultant, in other words I train, supervise, and consult with foster parents, as well as responding to crisis situations.

My hobbies included whitewater kayaking, hiking, travel, music, and spending time with my siblings.



528 E. Lancaster Ave, Suite 50 •  St. Davids, PA  19087  •  Voice: 610-519-9600  •  Fax: 484-580-6639  •  e-mail:

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